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decode /dēˈkōd/ 

code /kod/ 

Digital / Data / Decentralization / Dedication

D.CODE Law group was established in June 2021, by four partners who have been providing the best service to clients in various fields for a long time at Shin&Kim. Through the deep understanding of our clients’ business and the highest level of legal service, we aim to be the next generation law firm that analyzes and solves complex legal problems of the clients.

D.CODE is a modified form of the word “decode” which means ‘to decipher codes’ and ‘to solve problems’. Based on accurate understanding of Digitalization, Dataization and Decentralization trends which are in progress of all fields, ‘D’ of ‘D.CODE’ implies our will to help our clients’ business be fully prepared and adapted to these trends. On top of it, the alphabet ‘D’ also implies Dedication, the underlying spirit of our firm’s attorneys.

D.CODE / Core Values


D.CODE Law group is the most flexible and optimized team of lawyers that run actively to solve our clients’ legal problems without any waste.


D.CODE Law group provides the best solutions to our customers by responding to ever-changing legal issues and various needs of our clients in the quickest and most agile manner.


D.CODE Law group, armed with thorough professionalism based on many years of experience and deep legal knowledge, always shows reliable results to our clients.

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